Meet our Retail Recruiter

Retail Recruiter

Remi Fortunato, Retail Recruiter

Meet Our Retail Recruiter

As the Retail Recruiter for downtown Haddonfield, Remi Fortunato is responsible for proactively identifying and recruiting retailers to enhance the downtown shopping experience. Fortunato will be responsible for business retention as well as interfacing between prospective retailers, landlords and Borough of Haddonfield departments to match new retailers with appropriate retail spaces.

A resident of Haddonfield, New Jersey, Fortunato is also a former downtown Haddonfield business owner. This experience brings an advantageous added perspective to her position, as she has first-hand experience regarding the benefits and appeal of being a Haddonfield business owner; while also understanding as a resident what might appeal to shoppers visiting the downtown.

“I have a strong desire to share my enthusiasm for Haddonfield and my experience in succeeding in Haddonfield with others. I am excited to contribute to the success of downtown Haddonfield and to be part of such an outstanding Partnership,’ said Fortunato.

Fortunato began her career on Wall Street upon graduating college. Her entrepreneurial spirit led to the opening of Remi’s Café in 1991 on Kings Highway which operated for 11 years. Fortunato was a member of the Haddonfield Business Association from 1991-2002, a member of the Haddonfield Newcomers Club from 2001-2004, a part of the Steering Committee at the St. Pius X Parish -Mothers of Preschoolers from 2001-2007, and a longtime and frequent supporter of many local charitable efforts and events.

Fortunato earned her B.A. from Farleigh Dickinson University, Rutherford, NJ in Business Management. She resides in Haddonfield with her family.

Remi can be reached at:

856-429-4700 Ext. 326